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Diagnosed With MTHFR or Autism and Not Sure which Supplements To Take? Amazon Deal on Seeking Health Ben Lynch Vitamins and Supplement & FREE SHIPPING!

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Have you been diagnosed with a MTHFR gene defect of either A1298C or C677T?  If so you may be looking for the best supplement to take.  I consider Dr. Ben Lynch to have authority on the matter and choose to rely on his brand of supplements which are Seeking Health.  Basically if you have either of these mutations, you will want to take methylfolate instead of traditional folate as I understand it. (Just a mom, not a doctor)

I had been purchasing these online at another site but recently started purchasing them from Amazon.  Not only did I get lightning fast shipping, I also found the best price by far.

This is my first time for purchasing the active B12 with L-5-MTHF.  I just received my Amazon prime order and pretty much took it right away this morning.  This little red pill is one that can dissolve in your mouth and would be easy for children and adults alike. It dissolved quickly and actually tasted ok.  It has a cherry flavor.   I ordered this because there are individuals in our family who are compound Heterozygous for C677T & A1298C which means they have one copy of each gene.  This has the active form of B-12 which is great for those with problems processing B-12 like me.  It also has the L-5 MTHF which is folate in the form of Quatrefolic 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, talk about a mouthful!

An interesting note is that up to 97% of autistic individuals are said to be Compound Heterozygous.  Very interesting.

Not sure if you have a MTHFR Gene Defect?  Order your 23andme DNA test and find out.  It does run $100 for the first person and $80 for anyone else in your family when you order at the same time.  It is worth it!  It was the best thing I did recently, as it has been very helpful to me. 

Once you receive your results, go to  and give a little donation or  I like LiveWello because it is easy to understand and you receive free updates as more scientific information is available.  It does run $30 but I highly recommend it.

So back to Seeking Health supplements, here are the best prices I have found;

Active B12 with L-5-MTHF $19.95  60 tablets (Take one a day or as recommended) 

I am so glad I found out what was going on with my family.  Knowing about MTHFR means you can be sure to give your family the right supplements.  No longer do I give my kids a multi-vitamin with regular folate, now they take what they need.  I highly recommend all of the Seeking Health products.  

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