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Healthy Chocolate! Can you believe it?

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Those of you who know me or know of me via this site know that I am a heavier gal.  I have struggled with my weight since I was a child.  There was a point when I just gave up.  I mean you can only lose the weight and gain it back so many times.....  I eat healthy,I try to exercise and that is about all I have been doing.  For me the only time I lost weight was when I was pregnant, all three times.  Every pregnancy I lost over 50 pounds no matter what I did or what I ate.  After I delivered within a month I was back to my original weight.  It was the craziest thing. For a woman struggling with her weight all her life, this made absolutely no sense at all.  A friend of mine owns a local organic food store and told me about this healthy chocolate. She told me I should go to this meeting with her to hear about it.  I quickly said no I was not interested in chocolate and went on my merry way.  Well ultimately I decided to go to that meeting to see if this was for real.  An eye surgeon from Port Charlotte was speaking and he really got my attention.  Not only did I decide to buy this healthy chocolate, I decided I wanted to be involved in the business opportunity.

Honestly I had never heard of a healthy chocolate that could really make a difference in your life.  To say my family has health problems is an understatement, so when I hear about the benefits, how can I not even consider it? I had checked out the company online before and did not find anything indicating it might be a scam which got me even more interested.  Plus my oldest son Evan is autistic and I had been following some recent studies that showed the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids for autistic children.  I could not get him to take the 10 horse pills a day to get the dosage and he would not eat the cookie that was filled with Omega so I did not know what I was going to do.  Then I found out that you can buy the Xocai healthy chocolate with Omega 3 and knew that was my answer for him.  So all of us right now are trying out the Xocai healthy chocolate.

Back to my weight, I read about the founder of Xocai, Jeanette Brooks.  She is my personal inspiration.  She is an amazingly strong woman who used to be heavy.  She has lost 120 pounds on Xocai!  That is a significant amount of weight.  After I saw her before and after pictures, I figured I should try this.  I mean what do I have to lose except for excess weight?  So I hope you will be seeing my before and after pictures with a significant weight loss and health benefits soon.  For now I am taking 3 of the chocolate squares a day.  All together that is only 100 calories a day.  I have noticed that by eating the chocolate 20 minutes before a meal, I am less hungry.  I have also noticed I am sleeping better which is surprising to me.  I have fibromyalgia and a host of other health issues but one of my problems has always been my sleep.  I am keeping track of any changes or improvements.  I am really excited about this.  Now Jeanette Brooks also worked out at Curves so I am trying to incorporate more exercise into my daily routine as I can. 

The really cool thing is all of the benefits of the cacao bean.  God has given us this great resource and we have just squandered it by processing it all and taking out the nutrients that we need so much.  I read a study from the University of Utah that talked about the benefits of Xocai on blood pressure, insulin resistance and inflammation.  The inflammation caught my attention right away because that is what I have a lot of.  Inflammation causes a host of health problems. There is a more recent study that goes on to say that chocolate consumption can lower blood pressure and reduce strokes and heart disease.  For the first time I heard about the benefits of epicatechin.  I have no idea why I never heard of this before.  Awesome studies that explain it all. 

So I am excited to see what happens with me.  I guess you could say I am a guinea pig.  If any of you live in SW Florida and want to hear more about this healthy chocolate, come with me to a great meeting in Port Charlotte at 7pm on Thursdays at Kings Gate Country Club on Rampart Blvd.  Print the coupon below, cut it out and bring it with you to the meeting so you can get some free chocolate.  Be sure to ask for Lynette so I can meet you and sit with you.  There will be another meeting next Thursday with a local heart doctor as well.
If you are not local and are interested in finding out more about this, email me at and I will be glad to locate the closest meeting to your home.  Not only is this great for your health, this is also a great business opportunity.  What a great opportunity to help yourself and others and create wealth for yourself.  Did I tell you I am excited?  Check back and I will give updates on how we are doing on the Xocai healthy chocolate!  If you get a chance, check out my new chocolate site at

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