The Key About The Coupon Policy For Your Local Grocery Store. Grocery Store High Value Coupon Guidelines Really Matters: Find Out How You can Save!

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Why The Coupon policy at Your Local Grocery Store Really Matters.  Find Out Why.

I save from $300-$600 a month on my grocery bill in part because of the huge savings I receive because of the grocery store competitor coupon policy.  I always shop by what is on sale and plan my menu around that.  There was a point when I thought coupons were a waste of my time.  I did not get the value of a $0.25 cents off coupon that is hardly worth it to even print on my computer.  One day It made sense.  It might have been the day a friend got two items that were buy one get one free completely free after coupons, or the $2 off coupon I saw that day.  Either way I  got it. It finally made sense.  I now realized coupon values have changed greatly.  In many Sunday papers you will find $2, $3, $5, $7 and even the ocassional $10 coupon.  Combining those kind of deals with sales makes for serious savings.  We are not taking pennies or quarters here!  I am not sure at what point I finally realized it is truly possible to save big money on groceries, but once I did I ran with it.  As a mom of three teen boys who were starting to eat me out of house and home, I needed a solution and I needed it now!  I had joked for years about how I was going to have to back up a truck up to Aldi or Save A Lot to purchase all the groceries I would need for my boys, but honestly I never really thought about exactly what that would cost until they became teenagers.  Yikes!

So I started shopping much more carefully by the sales and this time I started clipping and printing coupons because a $1 or $2 high value coupon seemed worth it to me.  I would go to my local Publix, Walmart, Target or Winn-Dixie and when the receipt said I had saved as much as I spent, I was doing the happy dance right there at the checkout!  I mean if I spend $100 and saved $100 how awesome was that. In fact, my hubby and I were pretty thrilled with ourselves.  Eventually our teen boys got it too.  I know down the road their wives will appreciate how good they are with frugal grocery shopping. 

Amazing how one little thing changes your perspective. This one simple fact saves me so much money and I hope it will save you money too.  Here it is.  Know the coupon policy at the stores you shop.  What?  That is all you are going to tell me?  Really?  How does that help me?  Well, let me explain.  What you need to do is find out if your store accepts competitor coupons or if your store accepts a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon. Some stores price match, some stores offer double coupons.  Some stores require a card to get the discount, some don't.  Whatever the deal at your store, find out what it is.  Publix accepts competitor coupons and most of their stores have a sign stating which competitor coupons they accept.  Winn-Dixie does not accept competitor coupons but they have an awesome fuelperks discount that saves you at the gas pump.  Walmart price matches with the local stores so bring in your ad from that store and your coupons.  

Once I learned that fact and that my local Publix store accepts grocery coupons from Target, Winn-Dixie and Save-A-Lot.  I signed up for coupons online from Save-A-Lot and made sure I was getting their flyers.  I went to and started printing out their coupons as well.  Publix lets you use one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon together for each product.  And, if it is a BOGO, (buy one get one free deal), you are able to use a manufacturer AND store coupon for each item, even the free one.  

These facts changed my life.  And so it began.  Instead of saving the same as I spent, I started saving 70-80% more than what I spent.  Check out your local stores and don't be afraid to shop at more than one store.  It might save you more than you think.  Even better, figure out what you are going to do with all that extra money.  Me, I save it to travel.  We have been able to take trips to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Universal Studios in Orlando and many cruises on Carnival Cruise line.  Figure out what is important to you.  I promise if you have a goal, it makes coupon clipping so much easier!  What is your extra money going to go towards?  A 7 Day Cruise Vacation, a new wardrobe, Trip to Walt Disney World or to Hawaii?  Whatever it is, you can do this!! Copyright © 2009 Girl Music is Designed by Ipietoon Sponsored by Emocutez