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Ready For Your Summer Vacation Or Weekend Getaway? Save 50% on Hotel Stay and Hotwire Hot-Rates!!

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Living in Florida, I love to explore all the wonderful touristy vacation spots like Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Sanibel Island and Key West.  The better deal I find for hotel stays, car rentals and vacations, the farther my vacation budget goes and the more places our family can visit and the more trips we can take.  It's a win win!

As a mom of three boys, I have always had to be careful about budgeting for vacations.  Having kids is worth more than anything in the world to me but realistically they are expensive which makes family vacation trips expensive.  When growing up, I can remember limited vacation trips other than the annual trip to grandmas house.  I wanted to be able to do more for my kids and with the deals I find at Hotwire, our family has been able to enjoy amazing vacations at bargain prices!  

Why I prefer Hotwire over other bargain sites like Priceline  

You can certainly find a deal at Priceline, but you have less control over what you get for your money.  It is like a shot in the dark.  You might get something good, you might not..  If you book a hotel on Priceline, you are not going to have much say in what you end up with as far as if they offer free breakfast or have a pool. For some people that is okay, but for folks with a family, having more control over what is included is helpful.   At Hotwire, you also don't know the name of the hotel, but they give you specifics like how big the hotel is, if you get free breakfast, if they have wifi and all those important details many of us with or without families prefer. For me, it provides the comfort level I need to be sure I am making the best travel vacation decisions.

So if you are looking for a weekend getaway or a weekly vacation adventure, be sure to try out one of my favorite travel websites, and visit Hotwire today.  I have managed to enjoy some great trips to Orlando with the help of Hotwire and I got the deals at bargain prices.  Check it out, you will be impressed!

Hotwire US

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