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Why Walmart matching BOGO Buy One Get One Is A Big Deal! Huge Savings Thanks To Winn-Dixie & Publix!

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As a Florida resident, I was thrilled to hear about Walmart's new grocery store policy.  At least in all Florida stores, Walmart will be matching all BOGO deals including deals at my local Publix and Winn-Dixie grocery store.  Why is this a big deal you ask?  I mean who cares where you get the buy one get one free deals from, right?  WRONG!

This is huge.  Let me explain.  I had always said Publix was cheaper than Walmart if you combined the BOGO deal and the fact that Publix allows competitor coupons meaning you can use a store and manufacturer coupon for each item.  Without that, their price would be higher as the regular Publix price is higher on many items than Walmart.  

Here is a an example:

Lets say Nabisco crackers are on sale BOGO at Publix for $3.99 a box.  That means you can get 2 boxes for $3.99 less any store and manufacturer coupons.  A store coupon of $1/2 fom Target and a manufacturer coupon of $1/2 means you pay just $2 for each box or $1 a box.

What if the same Nabisco crackers are $2.50 a box at Walmart AND Publix has them BOGO.  You simply mention to the cashier about the BOGO deal at Publix and they will match it.

So, without any coupons at all, you would pay just $2.50 for 2 boxes, or $1.25 each.
Use the $1/2 manufacturer coupon and pay just $1.50 for 2 boxes or $0.75 cents each which is cheaper than using a store and a manufacturer coupon at Publix.  

Honestly it is a pain to print out all the coupons, so if you can avoid needing the store coupons and still get a better price, how cool is that? 

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According to the Walmart press release, you simply mention the BOGO deal to the cashier and no grocery flyer from a competitor is needed.  I will be sticking my Winn-Dixie and Publix flyers in my purse just in case and I recommend you do the same.

If you shop Walmart with the new BOGO deal rules, please post below and let us know how it worked for you.  These are exciting times, lets save some money! USA, LLC

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