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Save Time And Money Making Homemade Meals Once A Month! Commit To No Processed Foods! You CAN Do This!

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I am going to be the first to admit it.  

I fed my family processed frozen foods regularly.  

They were cheap and I was lazy.  I mean making home cooked meals is hard to do when you have three teenage boys, a husband and a dog.  If you work out of the house or not, it really does not matter.  The amount of work that goes into taking care of a family is staggering.  So why in the world would I want to make my job any harder by cooking home cooked meals?

Fast forward ten years and I have learned a few things.  My family has not been healthy.  I don't think that eating processed foods caused all the problems but I do believe that what we eat matters.  Eating healthy matters.  So, I had to figure out a way to make healthier meals that would not drive me insane.

Welcome, a wonderful site that has all kinds of wonderful recipes that you can make ahead of time and freeze.  These are much healthier options and still things that your family will love.  In fact, I can pretty much guarantee that your family will notice the quality of food is amazingly better.  The best part?  By making meals ahead of time, you are buying in bulk.  Buying in bulk can save you a lot of money.  How many times have you thrown out extra food that went bad because you did not need it all?  With a little planning and the help of, you can buy exactly what you need and save.

I am telling you about Hotby6 because I feel it has been the best option for my family.  I tell people about this and they are shocked.  Sometimes people tell me that they were able to find some great freeze ahead recipes on Pinterest and why would they want to pay $6 a month for a service when they could get it for free?  Good question.  I actually have tried recipes on Pinterest and sometimes they were not accurate and did not turn out.  Othertimes it was so confusing for me.  It was confusing because I wanted to make 10 meals but I had to combine a huge list and make sure I was not missing anything.

Hotby6 is so much easier for me.  Basically I pick the recipes I want to use.  I pick how many of each meal I want to make.  Hotby6 does the hard work by compiling my list of everything I need.  It is wonderful.  I simply go through my list, crossing off anything I already have in the house.  This leaves me with the list that I need.  Now if you are a member of Sams Club, by all means use their online service.  You can pick the items you need based on your list and Sams Club will shop for you and get it all ready!  No charge!!  Love this service.  It is actually a great reason to get a Sams membership.  Plus I just stocked up on boneless, skinless chicken breast for my meal plans and it is $1.99 a pound at my local store, much cheaper than Publix, Walmart or Winn-Dixie right now.  

Right now, you can try out for FREE for 14 days!  I highly recommend you do so.  You can check out recipes and see if this is a good fit for your family.  My family is picky and originally I was afraid we would not find recipes we could use.  WRONG!  Amazing selection.  Some of my favorites include chicken tenders, chicken tacos, lasagna, camp out burgers and a healthy meatloaf option with turkey and ground beef.  (No worries, the kids don't even notice!)

Check it out and let me know what you think.  It has been so helpful for my family.  There is nothing as wonderful as pulling the meal out of the freezer, sticking it in the crockpot and not having to worry about dinner--And knowing you are feeding your family a healthy dinner.  

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