Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Save 50% on Zoysia Grass! Perfect idea for Fathers Day!

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SAVE 50% on a Stunning Zoysia Lawn!

Have you heard about Zoysia grass? It is Naturally green in the heat of summer, environmentally green all year round. My hubby has been talking about it for years and years.  He really wants to replace our awful Florida lawn.  Our lawn is made up of a combination of centipede, bahia and St. Augustine grass here in Southwest Florida.

Bahia is mostly weeds and is just plain awful. You can't even use fertilizer on it or it will all die.  Centipede is a little better and St. Augustine is pretty nice except it must be watered often which is a problem if you are in the middle of a drought with water restrictions.

My hubby has researched the Zoysia grass and is convinced it is the way to go for us to have a beautiful lawn the neighbors will envy.  I thought this was a great time to share about Zoysia grass as Fathers Day is fast approaching.  Can you imagine how thrilled he would be to have a new drought free lawn that looks amazing?

So get the kids to help or buy the grass and have dad help, he will be so happy I am sure he won't care!!

Plus right now you can save 50% on your new Zoysia Lawn!!!
Guaranteed to grow or replaced free!

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