Friday, December 7, 2012

$10 for $50 worth of iPhone 4, 4S, 5 Case & Christmas Gifts! Save 80%!

Posted by healthy chocolate florida at 2:24 PM

I wanted to share this awesome deal I just purchased with you.  Living Social has a great deal for Christmas gift ideas as well as for your home based or small business.  

I paid $10 for a $50 gift certificate for Vistaprint!

Basically you get to order from their special 30% off site so you can get quite a deal on some awesome gift ideas.  Even better, spend $25 over the $50 gift card amount and get free shipping and handling on the entire order.  

This is what I did.

I purchased the $50 gift card for $10.

I paid $25 above the $50 gift card to get Free Shipping.

I paid a total of $35 plus tax for $75 of discounted merchandise.

I was able to buy magnetic business signs for my vehicle, business cards, an iPhone 4 & 4S  custom case, custom calendar and a few extras all for $35.  The magnetic business signs alone would have cost me more than $35 shipped for 2.  

This is a really good deal!  I would hurry and get this HERE.  Sale ends Tuesday, December 11th.  

Not sure about this?  Go to the discounted site where you redeem your gift card.  It will show you the discounted pricing and confirm this is valid for ANYTHING at their site, not just Christmas items.  (Make sure you go back and place your gift certificate order before ordering)

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