Sunday, September 2, 2012

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.77 a pound & HotBy6 Make meals in advance program!!

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If you are looking for a deal on boneless, skinless chicken breast, look no further than your local Sams Club! (Not a member?  Shop with a friend who is or consider getting a membership as the long term savings can be significant on chicken.)    Today I found boneless, skinless chicken breast for just $1.77 a pound in family size packs.

I like to stock up on chicken breast so I can make my dinners in advance and freeze them.  Not only is it convenient, it is more affordable to buy in bulk and make quite a few recipes at once.  If you are not familiar with a company called HotBy6, you should check them out.  They make it very easy to make your meals in advance.  If you are an empty nester, you could even split one recipe into two meals making your meals go even farther!

HotBy6 offers a great program.  For just $6 a month, you have access to all kinds of recipes specifically meant to freeze in advance.  (Cancel anytime!)  Not only do they have all the recipes and how to make them to freeze, but they create a grocery list so you know exactly how much of everything you need.  You can even invite friends over and print out lists for everyone.  This is a practical way to plan out your meals and a fun way to get together with friends.  By making your meals in advance, there are no worries about what to make for dinner, you will have less short runs to the grocery store plus all your prep work will be done making it super easy to complete a meal.  My favorite recipe is grilled barbeque monterey jack chicken.  It is one of my kids absolute favorites.  We love to make it on the grill but you can make it in the oven as well. 

This is also a great option for those of us who suffer with chronic health issues.  You can have someone help you make your meals once a month and you will greatly cut down on what you need to do at dinner time.  I especially love the meals you can make in the crock pot.  

For Sams Club shoppers, best part is you can go right online from your printed grocery list, order your food online and Sams Club will "shop" the order for you!!  All you have to do is pay and pick it up!  Talk about an easy trip for groceries!

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