Monday, July 23, 2012

College Dorm Storage Clearance Sale! Ends 7/25

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Huge Dorm Deals for College

If you are a student getting ready to go to college or a parent helping to prepare your child for dorm life, you will love this deal I just found. 

Beyond The Rack has a great deal on Closet and Dorm Storage with amazing  prices better then what I have found at Target and Walmart.  Even better, these look amazing!

One of the major shortcomings of a college dorm room is the lack of storage space.  My son is attending FGCU next month and although his room is nice, storage space is at a premium.

Beyond The Rack's college dorm room storage sale has just what you need at a great price.  My favorite items are the laundry sorter, blanket bags,under-bed storage bags, plastic drawer trolley and the stainless steel garbage can.  I am going to stock up on the rest of my storage items and hopefully call it a day.

Even better, shipping is a great value.  Shipping is only $9.95 for everything I put in my cart--and it was full!  Woohoo!

This is a sale that has just under 2 days left and will end early on July 25th.  My recommendation is to stock up for your college student, whether they are going to FGCU like my son or UCF like my friends daughter, options are pretty limited for all.  Storage is a premium, so stock up now and get a deal.

Click here to sign up for your Free Beyond The Rack account.

Then click on BTR Home and choose Closet and Dorm Storage.  

Happy Shopping!!

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