Monday, May 21, 2012

EkoBrew only $9 SHIPPED! Fits Keurig K-Cups! Reusable Green Single Cup Packs

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Are you a Keurig K-Cup fan?

Are you a fan of the Keurig K-Cups & the perfect cup of coffee from home?  

My hubby is!  

Honestly though the price has become quite expensive to the point that ocassionally we pull out the traditional coffee maker to save a few bucks!  So when I heard about the EkoBrew Reusable K-Cup container, I was thrilled.  I still like the K-Cups for when guests are over but just for us, these would be great!

For $9 shipped you can have a reusable container that saves you money & is eco-friendly.

Just think how much you will save buying regular coffee and using the EkoBrew!!

This current Groupon deal offers   1 EkoBrew for $9
                                                    2 EkoBrew for $16
                                                    3 EkoBrew for $22


Sign up here for your free groupon account and click on goods at the top.  
(Mid way down the page is the EkoBrew deal!!!)

Don't want to go through Groupon?

These are available at, one of my trusty places to shop!  Just received my K-Cup coffee order from Amazon today!  (Grab a 50 pack of K-Cups for $29.99 shipped!) Timothy's World Coffee, Breakfast Blend 50 pack

Available from $10 on Amazon.  

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