Saturday, April 21, 2012

Raspberry Ketones Sale! Ketone Diet mentioned by Dr. Oz!

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A few months back I was watching Dr. Oz, one of my favorite shows to watch, and he had someone on the show talking about Raspberry Ketones.  If I understand them correctly, taking Raspberry Ketones can help shrink your fat cells, helping you lose weight!  You still have to eat healthy and exercise and all of that fun stuff, but combined it is supposed to make a difference.

Well I already take the Chocolate Diet meal replacement shake for breakfast and that has helped me lose 64 pounds but I still have more to go.  So I figured what could it hurt to try it out in combination with my Chocolate Diet weight loss shake.  Dr. Oz had recommended the Raspberry Ketones on his show and my research did not show any reason I should not take it.

Well who knew it would be so hard to buy Raspberry Ketones?  Apparently when Dr. Oz mentioned the Raspberry Ketone Diet, everyone tried to buy it at once.  I tried the health food store in my local mall, every online resource and every health food store I happened upon while out and about.  No luck!  Well, I tried to get it and actually was on a waiting list for over a month.  I finally received my supply and was looking for a supply for the next month.  That is how I found this deal at Vitamin World.

One of the things they mentioned on the Dr. Oz show was that you need to get good quality Raspberry Ketones so I immediately thought of Vitamin World as they carry top quality items.

Here is the current Vitamin World deal so hurry and try out the Raspberry Ketones with me!  Click the link below to save at least 20% on your Raspberry Ketones!  This is the best price I have seen.  (Hard to find a deal when they are in demand with waiting lists!!!)

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