Friday, March 23, 2012

Super Cheap Personal Checks for $5.23 & $7.09 for Business Cards

Posted by healthy chocolate florida at 2:18 PM

Cheap Checks $5.23 shipped! Business Cards @ $7.09 shipped!

Looking for a deal on Personal or Business Checks or Business Cards?

Right now Vistaprint is offering a great freebie!  Grab this deal on free personal or business checks, free business cards, free notepads, free pens, free sticky notes & free notebooks!!    All you pay is shipping!  I personally think everyone needs business cards.  I don't care if you are a stay at home mom or stay at home dad (SAHD & SAHM), work from home or are a greeter at Walmart, everyone needs them.  How many times have you searched your purse trying to give someone your email address or phone number?  How classy would it be to hand out your card?  Like I said, everyone needs them so might as well get them super cheap!!  Also great if you are starting a home based business.  Even teens could have business cards for their lawn mowing or babysitting business!

I love Vistaprint.  I can't even begin to tell you all of the things I ordered over the years..  I absolutely love the checks I ordered from Vistaprint.  I was even able to add a little statement on the checks as well for free.  For me it mentions my healthy chocolate business but you could post a positive quote or anything you want. In addition to the checks, I have ordered a stamp, magnetic car signs, business cards, postcards & t-shirts.  Honestly in the past I have ordered from quite a few places.  After checking many places out, I always seem to go back to Vistaprint because the quality and the price has always been the best.

This is a great time to try out Vistaprint.  Don't want the freebies listed?

Save 25% off your entire order through this link!!!  

I adore the checks I purchased from Vistaprint and they arrived lightning fast!  Unfortunately they are not included with the "free" check choices but they are 25% off.  My design was a muted paisley design background in 4 colors if you want to check it out!  Not overstated but a touch of feminine which I love!!

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