Thursday, March 15, 2012

12 pack of Coke for $1.66 @ Walgreens through 3/17

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Having a son who will graduate from high school in May has me focused on many new things.  Besides applying for every college scholarship under the sun to help pay his college tuition in the fall, I have my thoughts on how to plan a frugal high school graduation party.  I have it narrowed down to what kind of party it will be, what kind of menu within reason and the color palate as the school colors pretty much determine that.

Certain things you really have to wait on when planning a party, but this deal at Walgreens will fit in nicely with my plan.  We don't drink much soda at our home as I tend to shy away from things that contain high fructose corn syrup or diet sweeteners.  But for this party, I need soda!  Honestly it is easier to access and I can put out nice metal containers and have the drinks on ice. Perfect for a Florida party.

Not looking to spend a fortune and preferring Coca Cola products, I was thrilled when I saw this deal at Walgreens.  Sale valid through Saturday, March 17th.

All of the Coke products are included in this sale.

They have 3 of the (12) fridge packs on sale for $10.

Buy 6 of the (12) count fridge packs for $20.  You will receive $10 in register rewards to use on your next purchase.  This brings your actual cost down to $1.66 a (12) fridge pack which is a price I have not seen in quite a while!

If you need more than 6 of these, I recommend you buy 6 and get your $10 register reward.  Then go back  in and buy 6 more, use your $10 register reward, pay $10 and get another $10 register reward.

So if you are soda drinkers or you are planning any kind of gathering, this is a great time to stock up!!  (Hurry this deal ends Saturday night!!)

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