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I'm Ready to Lose Weight, are You? High Antioxidant Wellness Program released today!

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I am so ready to lose weight.  They say half the battle is getting yourself psyched up for losing weight.  And, honestly after trying so many diets, starving myself, exercising all the time, the Atkins diet, Weight Watchers and too many to count, I just gave up.  Figured maybe God just wanted me to be heavier.  I consider myself to be pretty no matter if I am heavier or not.  But, in my heart of hearts, I wanted to lose weight.  I don't want a double chin, I don't want my thighs to rub together and I don't want to have to only shop in the big girl stores.  I want the designer brands in my size, my size 14 that is.  Okay, I know everybody wants to be a size 2 but honestly that is not what I want.  If I was a size 14 or even a size 16, that to me would be awesome.  I don't really have that small of a bone structure.  Not sure it is even physically possible for me to be a size 2.  Plus I don't want to look anorexic.  I mean that would be going from one extreme to another.

So this is what I am going to do.  My launch of a new weight loss blog will be later this week.  I am basing my new blog on the high antioxidant diet I will be following.  My goal?  Lose 100 pounds.  Every week there will be an update of how much weight if any I have lost and if I have lost any inches.  I am going to be brutally honest.  Nothing is sacred.  So come and join me.  Don't make me do this alone!  Together we can do anything! 

Here is what I did;

I ordered the Xocai Wellness Plan.  It is a high antioxidant Chocolate shake meal replacement.  I am going to replace 2 meals every day.  I am going to eat 1200 calories a day total and I am going to do moderate exercise.  Currently my plan includes bike riding and walking.  Since my goal is to lose 100 pounds, I purchased 2 of the Weight loss pouches that each make 28 shakes.  For those of you looking to lose 25 pounds or less, 1 shake per day is all you need to replace.  (I am so excited about getting started on this diet!  I hope you are too.  To help you, I would be glad to sell you your first month of product at my cost.  Just email me at

I also ordered the Xocai power squares.  Each chocolate square is only 33 calories.  Not only is this packed full of antioxidants like the High Antioxidant shakes, this is also a great treat.  These wonderful little squares have been curbing my evening cravings for months so including them in the diet is a no brainer.

I ordered a new blender which just arrived.  They have new ones that help you make smoothies.  Since I am thinking of making my drink more of a slush, I figured that would work the best.  Plus if I get bored, I might want to mix strawberries, bananas or even frozen yogurt or peanut butter.

Wondering about the weight loss program I am using?

Here is a letter from the Study Medical Directors, Dr. Mike Kennedy & Dr. Steven Warren,  about the current clinical trial. 

Here is a press release about the Wellness Program that is available as of today.

There is more information available about the X Protein Meal Shake at the Click Here link below.  You can also order product to get started on the high antioxidant diet. 

Click on join now to order with wholesale pricing. 
Order as an affiliate, pay a $39 membership fee and buy wholesale. 
Order as an associate, pay a $39 membership fee and order 2 or more products.  You can then earn income sharing this wonderful product and end up getting yours free and then some.

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