Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Xocai thoughts... Weight loss & Autism

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Okay, today is a good day.  Today I actually felt like I needed a belt so my pants would not fall down. I started eating Xocai healthy chocolate 3 weeks ago and I refused to weigh myself.  I figured if my clothes started falling off my body, then I would know I was losing weight.  I had noticed some minor changes but nothing as good as today when I could grab the side of my pants and fold over inches of fabric that is too big for my waist.  Yipee.  Only a zillion more pounds to go.....  :-)  Maybe not a zillion, but certainly too many to think about.  One step at a time.  So I will definitely be continuing with the Xocai healthy chocolate. 

Although my main goal was to lose weight, I also wanted my entire family healthier and that is why I have all five of us eating 3 pieces of Xocai a day.  My oldest son is autistic and the changes in him have been the most dramatic.  By dramatic I mean he is sleeping through the night.  He had not slept through the night since he was 2,  so this is huge.  He is remembering phone numbers and seems to be able to do other functions that were difficult before.  The most astonishing thing is his talking.  He is not talking to everyone but I would venture to guess he is talking at least 50% more to people other than family.  If you are dealing with an autistic child, then you know without a doubt that this is a very big deal.  His mood has also been more stable.  We are keeping an eye on this and have taken him off some of the medications that help control his mood swings and outbursts.  Now please understand I am not saying that Xocai is curing autism.  What I am saying is these are the differences we are noticing since starting the Xocai healthy chocolate.  Is it going to cure his autism?  Probably not.  But will it improve the quality of his life?  Most certainly. 

So if you can, Moms & Dads of autistic children, give this Xocai healthy chocolate a try.  I know I am just a mom of an autistic son and not a health professional or a scientist, but what if pesticides or other environmental issues are putting our children at risk?  If these free radicals are causing damage to our children, then it would make sense that antioxidants would be the answer.  Whatever the reason, Xocai is making a difference.  The best part is the chocolate is more like a treat than a medicine so it is very easy to get the kids to eat this chocolate.  It tastes great.  Yes, Xocai is pricey.  One box lasts 1 person 1 1/2 months.  Of course, add up all the co-payments for prescriptions they are taking.  So far in 3 weeks, he is already taking 1 less prescription and hopefully we will be able to cut other ones as symptoms continue to improve. 

In order to be able to afford Xocai for all 5 of us, we decided to sell it ourselves.  You can do this too if you want.  It is a lot cheaper to buy Xocai wholesale than retail.  Plus, you will find yourself telling people about the exciting changes you are seeing.  I mean you could be at an Autism Speaks walkathon or a parents autism meeting.  How can you not tell them about the differences it is making in your child?  So why not improve your health and create wealth for your family?  I mean parents of special needs children have lots of expenses with doctors visit and therapy and all of that fun stuff.  Plus it is very easy to sell something that you believe in that happens to be chocolate......  :-)  Want more info?  Here is the link to my liveforchocolate.com site.

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