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Meltdown in Orlando on our way to Disney World...... Isn't autism fun?????????

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Those of you who know me well, know my oldest son is autistic.  He is the sweetist kid and I love him dearly but sometimes I feel like I am living on the edge.  For those of you dealing with autism or who have a family member touched by autism, I am sure you can understand.  My oldest has mood swings or outbursts that can rival any terrible 2 toddler.  At least with a toddler, you have some control as you can pick them up and carry them away from the situation.  My son is nearly 18 years old, taller than me and the size of an adult.  I won't be picking him up anytime soon. 

My day yesterday?  Supposed to be enjoying some quality time with the family.  Have a friend house sitting and thought we would take the kids on a fun trip this summer.  The short term goal?  A great day at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.  Visiting Disney World with our free volunteering pass.  Considering my oldest is obsessed with Disney World, you would think things would have gone perfectly.  Well, think again.  I can't even begin to think of what a day without problems would be like as they are few and far between when a family member is touched by this disease.  As he reached his teens, things certainly got worse.  Maybe hormones, who knows. 

We were getting ready to leave and as usual getting everyone out the door is a challenge in itself.  My oldest determined we were taking too long and he had a meltdown in the worst way.  It included throwing furniture, screaming, threatening to leave, and so much more you don't even want to hear.  It ends with crying and eventually calming down.  Everyone flips out every once in a while but not like this.  Autism certainly has its challenges.  Like vinylmations, this new collectible at Disney.  Well my son forgot his and he had planned to take pictures of his vinylmation everywhere he went.  Stopped at another Disney store and bought another vinylmation and although that calmed him down somewhat, he was pretty upset for hours because he forgot it.  Of course, it can't be his fault he forgot it.  Everything that happens is always someone elses fault.  Come on, we all know people that can't own up to their own mistakes.  Not a lot of fun to deal with.

Luckily, the Magic Kingdom is the happiest place on earth and they really try to make sure you have a good time in spite of what is going on in your life.  Yes, I want to live in a fantasy world.  Everyone needs to dream and it is nice to be in a place where dreams seem possible if even for the slightest anount of time.  Anyway, if you do nothing else at Disney, if you just watch the parades and the fireworks, that is enough.  Plus my oldest even had his haircut at Disney. When he was done, they covered his head with Disney dust.  A kind of metallic confetti in the shape of mickey.  He looked really cute.  Things were fine until they decided he should not be alone with the Disney dust and they covered my head with it as well.  My son just thought that was hilarious.  Me, I was not so thrilled.  I mean I had Disney dust down my bra and even into my undies.  Not a pretty sight.  :-)

So all in all the day was good.  After the call to the doctor, and the pharmacy and getting another new med to try.  The craziest thing of all?  I found something that was actually helping him and keeping him on an even keel.  Xocai healthy chocolate.  It tastes great and has the highest antioxident value on the planet.  For a while he was eating it three times a day as long as I gave it to him.  For the last 3 weeks, he has decided he is almost 18 and does not need to eat the chocolate I give him.  So every few days I can get him to eat a piece or so but he really needs to take this 3 times a day.  It is crazy that I found something as good as chocolate to help him and now he won't even eat it.  What is that about?  Somebody told me to pretend I did not care if he took it, and then he would probably eat it.  Well, I will keep trying because chocolate sure seems like a better alternative than more prescription medications.   Any suggestions?  Let me know how you deal with your childs outbursts?  Even better, have an adult with autism?  What should I do?  Is there a way to make life more normal?  What is normal anyway??  And what about siblings that have to live their life like this.

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