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To my Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue friends......Plus those of us trying to diet!

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To my fellow Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue sufferers and dieters galore....

You know how it is, you are in so much pain or you are so tired you just can't do anything let alone stay awake without taking another nap, but nobody gets it.  I walk through the store and no matter what I do I seem to walk slower and slower.  I am 45 and I am being passed by 90 year olds staring at me.  Not a pretty sight.  It seems I have tried everything.  I have run from Doctor to Doctor to Doctor actually believing a Doctor or some medication is somehow going to fix me, but it has never happened.  I can't even begin to count the endless prescription medications I have tried that have not helped me.  Frustration seems to be my mantra until now.  A friend of mine who owns  a local healthy food store, introduced me to Xocai healthy chocolate.  I honestly had never heard of chocolate as being healthy.  As a heavy gal, chocolate was always something I thought I was supposed to avoid.  A decadent treat I was not allowed to have.  So imagine my surprise when I am being told there is a healthy chocolate that can actually help me feel better.  Last night I went to a meeting about the benefits of Xocai where a doctor by the name of Dr. Alan Gruning with offices in Port Charlotte and Fort Myers, FL was talking.  I was amazed to find out that he works with people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.  In fact, he had chronic fatigue himself.  Check out his site, it is pretty interesting.  The most interesting thing of all was that he was recommending Xocai healthy chocolate to his patients and they are seeing some great results.  Amazing, huh.  All from a healthy cacao bean God gave us! 

I have been trying out the Xocai healthy chocolate for just about 2 weeks now.  So far I have noticed the difference in my sleep.  Within a few days, I noticed I was sleeping through the night.  I did have a few nights where I was up with other issues, but overall I experienced a huge difference in my sleep pattern.  I see a rheumatologist like I am sure many of you do, and one of her main goals is to get me to sleep so my body can restore itself.  So the fact that I have been sleeping soundly like a log is a very good thing.  Sleeping pills and lots of other prescription medications were not able to help me with that.  So if eating 3 squares of Xocai chocolate a day will do that, then I am in!  Plus I am anxious to see what other benefits I will see.  Even my autistic son is sleeping better and he has not done that since he was 2 and he is 17!

Plus you are not going to believe this benefit!  You can lose weight eating healthy chocolate!  Crazy, I know but absolutely the coolest thing.  Check out this YouTube video about the weight people are losing!

Think about this.  Eat healthy chocolate and feel better.  Start your own business just by telling your friends about this wonderful product.  Xocai is made from the entire cacao bean.  The company has figured out a way to cold press the chocolate without processing it and destroying the antioxidents like other chocolate.  They have patented the process and now you can have healthy chocolate that is safe for diabetics and everyone!  Xocai healthy chocolate is the most antioxident rich food on the planet!

 Check out my website to access the studies about this healthy dark chocolate.  Email me if you have any questions.  If you are local to the SW Florida area, I would be glad to have you attend a meeting with me.  If not, I would be glad to contact you and find a meeting in your area.  There are currently studies going on about this product.  When they all come back, I am going to be very very glad I got involved in this while I did.  At the very least check this out for yourself.  Why not get your chocolate at a wholesale price instead of paying full price!  Email me at with any questions.

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