Saturday, April 3, 2010

Save up to 50% off video games & Custom Muppet Whatnot sale!!

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If you are looking for an amazing price for an xbox 360, wii, pc or PS3 game, then be sure to check out this deal at EA Store.  Use coupon code PAXEAST842 to save $20 on a game priced $39.95 or more. (good through 4/9)  That is like getting a game for 50% off!  If you have teens like I do, then you know they are always looking to buy the new game that just came out.  What a great way to get a deal on a game!  Guess where my kids are right now?  On the computer checking out the games on the EA Store site.  :-)

Now a little story about my oldest, Evan.  Evan is a great kid who happens to be autistic.  He fell in love with the Whatnots last year and really wanted one.  Of course they were so popular they were never on sale and $129 plus shipping is quite a bit.  After tax and shipping you were looking at a price of $150.  That was just too much.  Fast forward to last May when we found out Evan had to have surgery.  He was not thrilled about having to have surgery and we said we will go ahead and buy a Whatnot so he would not have to go through surgery alone.  Well, guess what?  Whatnots are exclusive to FAO Schwartz and right at that time they got bought out by Toys R Us and took down the FAO Schwartz website including the Whatnots.  After that you could not get a Whatnot.  It was just crazy.  So when I found this deal for the Whatnot, I knew this was the best price we would ever find.  So I ordered it. 

Instead of $129.98, they are on sale for $99.98 and shipping is FREE!  Now the cool thing about a Whatnot is that they are custom puppets.  You get to pick out what color you want, what kind of eyes, nose, hair & clothes.  In case you did not know, a Whatnot is an extra from the Muppet shows and movies.  They really are quite cute and are a collectible I am told.  You can also order them as a gift where the recipient gets to pick all of the custom details for the Whatnot.   So if you are into Whatnots, don't miss this deal!  Ends April 9th, 2010.  No coupon needed.  Just go to the Muppet Whatnot Workshop and create your Whatnot.  Once you put the item in the cart the price changes to the sale price.  The standard shipping cost will also show up as a credit automatically.

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